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Why list your property with Getaway Property Management?

Listing your property with a property management company like Getaway Property Management can provide a number of benefits for property owners. Here are a few reasons why you might consider listing your property with Getaway Property Management:

Marketing and Advertising: Getaway Property Management can help market your property to potential guests, using a variety of platforms and methods such as online booking sites, social media, and print advertising. They will create professional listing with good quality photographs and will make sure that your property is visible to a large number of potential guests.

24/7 Booking Service: Guests are able to book your property anytime of the day and night by calling 1300 131 129. We have our Australian Getaway after hours team working through the night, we will never miss a booking!


Security Patrol: Adding extra peace of mind to property investors, In certain areas of Victoria, where possible Getaway Property Management have security patrol your property during super peak periods. This is at no extra cost to our property investors.


Booking Management: The company can handle all aspects of booking management, from taking reservations and collecting payments to communicating with guests and handling any issues that may arise during their stay.


Maintenance and Housekeeping: Getaway Property Management can handle all aspects of maintenance and housekeeping, including scheduling repairs and cleaning services, providing inventory and supplies. This can save you time and effort while ensuring that your property is well-maintained and ready for guests.


Compliance and Regulations: Getaway Property Management can help ensure that your property complies with all relevant regulations, such as health and safety codes, insurance requirements, and zoning laws.


Maximizing Your Income: We can help you to optimize your rental income by providing you with expert advice on pricing, setting up discounts and packages, as well as offering additional services such as concierge services and extra cleaning.


Flexibility: With Getaway Property Management, you have the flexibility to choose the level of service that you require, whether it be a full management service or just marketing and bookings.


Local Expertise: Getaway Property Management manages properties throughout Victoria, we have local partners in every location that know the market and the area well, which can give you an edge in terms of targeting the right travellers, giving your guests a great experience.

Listing your property with Getaway Property Management can help to alleviate many of the responsibilities and challenges associated with managing a holiday rental property, so that you can enjoy the benefits without the headaches.

Where to stay: Getaway Property Management have a range of Accommodation for every type of guest – click here for accommodation –

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