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Terms & Conditions

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Booking Terms & Conditions

The Property must be clean, safe and guest ready at all times. All appliances must be in working order at all times otherwise compensation may be payable to guests.

Poor guest reviews mean fewer bookings.

Office Hours

Mon – Fri: 9.00am – 5.00pm
Sat & Sun: By appointment

Contact: 1300 131 129



Your guests booking commences at 2pm on the confirmed date of arrival, Please ensure that the keys are located in the property key safe. If you are a bookings only management please ensure the property is clean, ready for your guests to arrival.


Your guests must be vacated by 10am sharp on the date of departure unless prior arrangements have been made via Getaway Property Management . This is to ensure that cleaners have enough time to prepare the property to a COVID safe standard prior to the next arrival.


Owners will be able to view all current bookings on the Getaway Property Management portal 24/7. Owner’s must ensure that before visiting the their property that the owner portal has been checked for possible last minute guest bookings. Getaway property management requires all owners to enter their owner bookings to the Getaway portal should they wish to visit the property.


Owners are not permitted to cancel guest bookings unless extreme circumstances arise. Each case will be managed on an individual basis. Cancellation fees will apply.

Bond Pre-Authorisation

Getaway Property Management requires guests to complete the company online validation and guest agreement prior to the occupation date. This pre-authorisation acts as a security deposit for the length of occupancy. By signing this document form the Guest agrees that funds may be deducted from their allocated credit card, after vacancy, without notice. Claims may include, but are not limited to any excess rubbish left at the property, any damage, breakages, loss or excessively soiled linen, loss of linen, damage to linen, excess cleaning required, un-necessary maintenance calls, if the property is found to be smoked in, un-clean BBQ, failure to check out on time, loss of keys, remotes or for telephone calls, internet use and or any other un-satisfactory items that are evident upon inspection. Owners must understand that these documents can only be completed if approved by external 3rd party booking channels.


Owners are responsible for completing all maintenance at their property and ensuring they are providing guests with a safe residence. Getaway where required will step in an complete maintenance on the owners behalf to ensure that booking terms and conditions are met with the guest and 3rd party channels. These expenses will be paid by the owner of the property.

GPM requires the guest to immediately (within 24 hours) notify Getaway Property Management of any complaint or problem with the property should there be one, and allow Getaway Property Management a reasonable amount of time to remedy the problem or find the guest suitable alternate accommodation if the problem cannot be resolved within a reasonable amount of time. The Property Manager must use discretion in deciding the severity and outcome of the complaint or problem.


Smoking is not permitted inside any rental properties. Credit card fees will apply should there be evidence of smoking inside; minimum $200 charge for fumigation, minimum $200 charge for collection of cigarette butts.


Majority of guests ask or want confirmation that a property has WIFI before they book. We recommend that all properties provide Wi-Fi for guest stays. Remember if you update your passwords, please advise our property team.


Do you have a pet friendly property ? Great!

There are thousands of guests seeking accommodation that provides them the option to bring their furry friend. Please let your property manager know if you are happy to accept pets.

If you prefer not to have pets in your property, that’s ok. Getaway enforce the following pet policy;

No pets are permitted unless otherwise arranged upon booking and must be kept outside. Charges will be enforced and used to fumigate and clean the property should there be evidence of pets.


  • $220 Fumigation
  • $220 Faeces collection.


Getaway Property Management want to ensure that your property and your local neighbours are respected. We want guests that will treat your house like a home. Your guests will need to abide by the GPM noise and party policy along with local council/shire short stay policies.


Accidents happen! Should an accident occur while a guest is occupying your property, Getaway Property Management will notify you of the report and resolve the issue as soon as possible. We recommend that you have your owner insurance policy up to date and paid at all times.


Its important that Getaway Property Management has the correct keys at all times. Should you change your locks, please ensure you remember to notify your property manager.


Properties with linen included receive more bookings. Talk to your property manager today to discuss you linen options.

All beds must have two sets of mattress protectors and 2 sets of pillows must have pillow protectors.

Our property managers will provide you requirements upon listing.


It must be reported to the managing agent immediately should the property be found unclean. It is the Guest’s responsibility to leave the property in the same condition in which it was received. This includes removing any food from the pantry, drinks from the fridge and for the removal of all rubbish. Although we endeavor to have the property insect and cobweb free please be aware that the Mornington Peninsula & Gippsland regions can experiences an influx of insects especially in the warmer months. Excess cleaning is charged to the Guest at $100 per hour.


If you are staying at your property prior to a guest booking, please ensure all rubbish is removed from the property. There is nothing worse than guests arriving to overflowing rubbish bins. If you need assistance, contact your property manager, we can help!

Personal Possessions & Wear and Tear

Guests staying in your property are going to ‘live’ in your property, including entertaining friends and family.  This will mean that your property will show signs of general wear and tear the more it is booked.  Expect that small breakages and accidents may occur.  Please remove anything from the property that is valuable or sentimental to you or that cannot be replaced.  Getaway is unable to charge bonds for minimal accidental damage or general wear and tear.

Registering your property

The owner understands that it is their responsibility to register their property with the local Shire council and pay the annual fee direct to the shire.

The owner must provide the agent with a copy of the registration certificate annually.

If the owner needs assistance, please talk to our team.

Security Cameras

It is a breach of privacy to have cameras operating while a guest is occupying a property. ALL cameras must be turned off at all times during guest stays.