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A contact other than the owners of the rental property is required as an alternate source of instruction in the event of an emergency.

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Pre and post guest/ property information
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Guest & Owner dispute resolution
Pre & Post Clean Property Management
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Note: Income is paid to property owner at end of month.


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We strongly suggest that the Holiday rental property and its owners’ liability are fully covered (Short stay/Holiday rental Insurance) and that the level of cover is reviewed annually.

Building Insurance

Contents Insurance

Contents Insurance

Repairs & Maintenance

We may arrange in an emergency, for repairs to be carried out by one of our qualified tradespeople. If you have your own preferred tradespeople, please provide the following information:

Gas Heater & Smoke Alarms

We prefer that the Holiday rental properties have their gas heater CO2 and smoke alarm check every twelve months.

Gas Heater

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NOTE: It is the owners responsibility to maintain the service the property pool and spa.

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