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Best places to visit – East Gippsland

East Gippsland is a region located in the south eastern part of Victoria, Australia, and it is known for its beautiful natural scenery, outdoor recreational opportunities and rich cultural heritage. Here are a few places you might consider visiting while on holiday in East Gippsland:

Lakes Entrance: This popular holiday destination is located at the mouth of the Gippsland Lakes and offers a wide variety of water-based activities such as fishing, boating, swimming and water sports. You can also take a leisurely stroll along the 90-mile beach, which stretches from Lakes Entrance to the town of Orbost.

Gippsland Lakes: This large network of interconnected lakes is the largest coastal wetlands in Australia and is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. It’s a great place for boating, fishing, bird watching, and relaxing. You can also take a cruise to explore the lakes and the scenic 90-mile beach.

Buchan Caves Reserve: This reserve is home to a number of limestone caves, including the Royal Cave, which is the most popular and most visited one. The caves are well-lit and easy to explore, with guided tours available.

Buchan: This small town is home to a number of heritage buildings and is known for its scenic beauty and relaxed atmosphere. The Buchan River is popular for fly fishing and the Buchan Caves Reserve is a must-see.

Mitchell River National Park: Located near Bairnsdale, this national park is known for its rugged wilderness and spectacular scenery. You can take a scenic drive through the park, go hiking, camping, and fishing in the river.

Snowy River National Park: This park is located in the Australian Alps and is home to the Snowy River, which is a popular spot for rafting and kayaking. The park also offers great hiking and camping opportunities, and it’s also home to some beautiful waterfalls.

East Gippsland Rail Trail: This cycling and walking trail runs for 134 kilometres between Bairnsdale and Orbost and offers a great way to explore the natural beauty of East Gippsland.

Goongerah : A small town located near East Gippsland that offers a great chance to explore the natural beauty of the area. With easy access to the Errinundra National Park, it’s a great place to go camping, hiking, and birdwatching.

These are just a few examples of the many things to do and see in East Gippsland. The region also has a rich cultural heritage, with many historic towns and villages, art galleries and museums to explore. There are also many local vineyards and orchards that produce high-quality wines and fruit, which can be enjoyed through various wine tastings and farm gates experience.

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