Getaway is one of the fastest growing short-stay accommodation operators in Australia.

Here at Getaway, we pride ourselves on providing the best service across the entire short-stay accommodation industry. Unlike many of our competitors we are an Australian company with real on-the-ground relationships where we operate.

For guests, this means easy access to an extensive range of beautifully presented properties..

For Getaway homeowners this means you reap the rewards of short-stay accommodation without all the headaches.

Q. What are Getaway’s fees?

Getaway owners are offered an industry best. Our management starts from just 10% (plus GST) commission.
It’s important to note that these fees may even be tax deductible, so please consult your accountant.
If there are no bookings there are no commission costs to you. We think this keeps us on our toes and working to support you getting bookings. If you do require any other support, Getaway offers homeowners a host of fixed price add-on services.

Q. How does Getaway work?

When you team up with Getaway you’re immediately on your way to producing a professional listing and securing bookings for your property. Simply upload some basic details and our team will contact you to confirm your property meets the criteria to become a Getaway property.

Then, with the help of our templates and expert tips, you submit your listing online.

Once you’ve uploaded your listing things really get interesting.

Our staff writers will work with you to ensure your listing is clear, succinct and on point with our most successful properties. Our marketing team then works with all the biggest and best short-stay marketing platforms as well as integrating your property into Getaway’s broader marketing operations.

Getting Started Is Easy

STEP 1. Enter some basic details and property information online and our team will contact you to confirm your property meets Getaway’s criteria for new listings.

STEP 2. Follow our step-by-step template and submit your listing online.

STEP 3. Our marketing department will then contact you to put the Getaway shine and polish on your listing. We’ll also get in touch to schedule filming for a walk-through of your property.

Of course after we help put the finishing touches on your listing the Getaway team continues to provide ongoing marketing support for all Getaway properties.

Q. How do I make sure my property meets Getaway’s criteria?

We’re pretty easy going here at Getaway, though there are a few things we take seriously to ensure short-stay accommodation is hassle free for guest and owners alike.

To continue to best serve Getaway homeowners and guests we hold ourselves, and our partners, to the highest standards. For this reason all Getaway properties must meet the ‘guest-spectations’ of Getaway’s four ‘Gs’.

‘Guest Safe’ means your property must meet the following requirements;

  • Comply with all relevant building codes and safety standards such as pool fencing, railing on balconies etc.
  • All furniture must be safe and sturdy
  • All properties must have working smoke alarms that are checked and certified annually
  • Any gas heaters must be carbon monoxide tested annually
  • All homes must have a First Aid Kit

‘Guest Ready’ means your property must meet the following requirements;

  • Must be guest ready at all times
  • Have adequate short-stay accommodation insurance in place
  • Ensure online booking calendars are kept up to date to avoid double bookings
  • Be immaculately clean throughout
  • Have lawns and garden regularly maintained
  • Have hotel standard bedding, towels and linen presented neatly and sufficient to the amount required for maximum occupancy at all times
  • Have any pool or spa serviced and ready for use
  • Have all electrical appliances in safe working order (all TV and other remotes controls must have spare batteries)
  • Comply with any applicable approval (if required) in your region to operate as a short-term rental

‘Guest Expectations’ means your property must meet the following requirements;

  • Be represented accurately with professional photographs that meet Getaway’s specifications

Q. What are Getaway’s specifications for photographs?

Firstly, it’s important to note that photographs are perhaps the most critical aspect of your listing.

Good photographs will get good results – great photographs will get great results. For this reason Getaway properties must feature high resolution images (1920 x 1080px or larger) with staged interiors, adequate lighting and accurate depictions on the entire property.

If you have great professional photographs simply upload them and our team will assess their suitability.

If your photographs don’t fit Getaway’s requirements, or you don’t have professional photographs, the Getaway team can provide contact details for a recommended photographer operating in your area.

Q. How does Getaway get bookings?

Firstly your property will be integrated into Getaway’s global marketing operations. This includes targeted social media campaigns alongside print, broadcast and online advertising initiatives.

Your property will also be featured on the Getaway hub website and promoted on all the major short-stay marketing platforms such as Airbnb, Stayz, HomeAway, TripAdvisor and more. This also includes our marketing partner Ctrip working directly within the Asian market.

Additionally your property will be included in a range of direct database marketing efforts to encourage past guests to become regular guests. Our team will also continue to provide ongoing analysis and advice to ensure your listing continues to put its best foot forward in the crowded short-stay accommodation market.

Q. How are on-the-ground services handled?

No one knows your home like you do. We believe it’s crucial you have the flexibility to manage your property in such a way that suits you.

Getaway has a host of options for managing your property including; doing it yourself, continuing with your existing arrangements or working with our trusted local Getaway partners. It’s entirely up to you!

You’re free to manage your short-stay rental how you want it managed.

Our partners work to fixed fees so there’s no hidden costs for these services.

With Getaway you’re able to manage onsite services how you want them managed.

Q. How are prices set for my property?

Our team is available to provide detailed analysis and advice as to where your property sits within the short-stay accommodation market in your area.

We also provide the option of implementing digital tools to set optimized rates depending on seasonal rates and variabilities in demand for similar properties in your area.

Ultimately you set the prices you believe will work for your property.

Q. What sort of protections and security measures does Getaway offer homeowners?

The protection and security of your property is central to how Getaway operates. We work with the best to ensure you get the best results possible – especially if anything goes wrong.


Appropriate insurance is a requirement for all Getaway properties. We make this hassle-free by facilitating quotes from Australia’s top short-stay accommodation insurance providers.

Terri Scheer Insurance and EBM Insurance and Risk Management

Of course Getaway homeowners are free to choose their own insurance provider.


Getaway’s Home Watch Security Service also assists to keep your property safe, secure and free from anything likely to cause disturbance to you or your neighbours.

Additionally we’re able to assist Getaway homeowners by identifying any irregularities or red flags that arise during initial enquiries and the booking process.

Getaway can also assist to verify potential guests by confirming submitted information, assessing past reviews and making specific enquiries when relating to group or irregular bookings.

Should any issue arise homeowners are given the flexibility to manage this directly with their guests.

However if you do require add-on services – Getaway has you covered. Our guest communication service can be selected as an add-on service at the click of a button.

If a guest does have an issue that cannot be resolved directly with a property owner Getaway can also initiate and adjudicate a dispute resolution process.

Q. How are guest payments handled?

Difficulties around managing the financial end of short-stay accommodation are a common problem for homeowners going it alone in the short-stay accommodation industry.

With this in mind Getaway has removed the hassle – when guests book directly with Getaway, we collect the funds and pay the balance into your nominated account and provide a tax statement for your records.

This ensures you are paid promptly for each booking and removes the stress of collecting and chasing payments.

Getaway requires guests to pay in full within 60 days of a confirmed booking.

If guests secure bookings through one of our marketing partners payments are processed externally prior to being released to Getaway at which point we pay these funds directly into your account along with a tax statement for your records.

Q. How does Getaway handle enquiries from potential guests and ongoing guest communication?

Guest communication is critical to securing regular bookings. We’ll inform guest of all the nitty gritty details relating to your property so you don’t have to. Our team will then handle booking confirmations & payment notifications

Should you require additional support to manage guest communication Getaway offers a range of add-on services to comprehensively manage guest communication.

Q. Can I still use my property?

Of course! However it is extremely important you log the times you wish to utilise your property in the homeowner login portal. This ensures all Getaway properties are protected against any instance of double-booking.

Q. Let’s get started?

Simply enter some basic details and property information here and our team will contact you to confirm your property meets Getaway’s criteria for new listings. Once you’ve spoken with the Getaway team we will provide our step-by-step template and you can submit your listing online. Our marketing department will then work with you to put the Getaway shine and polish on your listing and you are ready to receive bookings.

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