What sort of protections and security measures does Getaway offer homeowners?

The protection and security of your property is central to how Getaway operates. We work with the best to ensure you get the best results possible – especially if anything goes wrong.


Appropriate insurance is a requirement for all Getaway properties. We make this hassle-free by facilitating quotes from Australia’s top short-stay accommodation insurance providers.

Terri Scheer Insurance and EBM Insurance and Risk Management

Of course Getaway homeowners are free to choose their own insurance provider.


Getaway’s Home Watch Security Service also assists to keep your property safe, secure and free from anything likely to cause disturbance to you or your neighbours.

Additionally we’re able to assist Getaway homeowners by identifying any irregularities or red flags that arise during initial enquiries and the booking process.

Getaway can also assist to verify potential guests by confirming submitted information, assessing past reviews and making specific enquiries when relating to group or irregular bookings.

Should any issue arise homeowners are given the flexibility to manage this directly with their guests.

However if you do require add-on services – Getaway has you covered. Our guest communication service can be selected as an add-on service at the click of a button.

If a guest does have an issue that cannot be resolved directly with a property owner Getaway can also initiate and adjudicate a dispute resolution process.