How does Getaway work?

When you team up with Getaway you’re immediately on your way to producing a professional listing and securing bookings for your property. Simply upload some basic details and our team will contact you to confirm your property meets the criteria to become a Getaway property.

Then, with the help of our templates and expert tips, you submit your listing online.

Once you’ve uploaded your listing things really get interesting.

Our staff writers will work with you to ensure your listing is clear, succinct and on point with our most successful properties. Our marketing team then works with all the biggest and best short-stay marketing platforms as well as integrating your property into Getaway’s broader marketing operations.

Getting Started Is Easy

STEP 1. Enter some basic details and property information online and our team will contact you to confirm your property meets Getaway’s criteria for new listings.

STEP 2. Follow our step-by-step template and submit your listing online.

STEP 3. Our marketing department will then contact you to put the Getaway shine and polish on your listing. We’ll also get in touch to schedule filming for a walk-through of your property.

Of course after we help put the finishing touches on your listing the Getaway team continues to provide ongoing marketing support for all Getaway properties.